Hosted by Suzanne Yada, founder of Signal Boost Collective

Facebook Ads for Musicians 101: What You Need to Get Started


Dear musicians,

I have never received so many questions from fellow musicians as I do about Facebook ads. 

But it's my joy to geek out over this kind of stuff, whether I'm wearing my business hat as a digital marketing consultant or donning my singer-songwriter superhero cape.

That's why I'm offering this free 90-minute webinar as the perfect place to start. 

In it you'll get access to a free workbook, a step-by-step tutorial and tools that few musicians even know exist.

Sign up below. Can't wait to show you some really cool s@#%.

—Suzanne Yada
Founder, Signal Boost Collective
(aka singer-songwriter @ Little Spiral @)
"Suzanne’s Facebook marketing expertise changed my world. Without knowing how to make my campaigns work for me, I was just wasting time and money. The difference in my results is astronomical. She is absolutely amazing. Her service is a must-do for anyone who is serious about using social media as a marketing tool."
— Tara Macomber, attorney and author of Music, Money and Law: A Primer on Contracts, Rights, Royalties and Business Management

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Why you should bother with Facebook ads to begin with
How Facebook ads fit in with the rest of your promotions
How much money to realistically set aside for a successful campaign
What you need to know about yourself and your music to get started
How to know if you’re ready to launch into FB ads
How to place your first simple ad using the Ad Manager